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Titles > A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
  • Type: Full Length Musical
  • Performance Rights Held By:
  • Year Written: 1962
  • First Performance: 05/08/1962
  • Genre: Musical
  • Based On: Pseudolus, Miles Gloriosus, Mostellaria by Plautus
  • Year 1st Published: 1962
Title Job Name
Musical Book Burt Shevelove Burt Shevelove
Musical Book Larry Gelbart Larry Gelbart
Composer Stephen Sondheim Stephen Sondheim
Lyricist Stephen Sondheim Stephen Sondheim
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Name Description
Prologus Introduces the audience to the comedy they are about to see
Senex An old man and father to Hero and husband to Domina
Domina Senex's wife
Hero The young son of Senex and Domina
Hysterium The chief slave in the House of Senex
Pseudolus A Roman slave, owned by Hero
Erronius An old man, searching for his lost children
Miles Gloriosus A captain in the Roman army
Lycus The owner of the house of Courtesans
Philia A virgin in the House of Lycus, promised to Miles but loves Hero
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