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Titles > The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Based On: Based on various short stories by Anton Chekhov
Title Job Name
Playwright Neil Simon Neil Simon
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Name Description
Writer, Kuryatin, Peter, the Voice, the Boy
Ivan Ilyitch Cherdyakov The Sneeze
General Mikhail Brassilhov The Sneeze
Mistress The Governess
Julia The Governess
Sergei Vonmiglasov The Surgery
Man Too Late for Happiness
Woman Too Late for Happiness
Husband - Nicky The Seduction
Wife - Irena The Seduction
Tramp The Drowned Man
Girl The Audition
Kistunov A Defenseless Creature
Woman A Defenseless Creature
Father The Arrangement
Madame Brassilhov The Sneeze
Madame Sonya Cherdyakov The Sneeze
Policeman The Drowned Man
Assistant A Defenseless Creature
Girl The Arrangement
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Last Updated: February 04, 2018