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Titles > Anything Goes (Beaumont 1987)

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  • Genre: Comedy


Original Book by P.G. Wodehouse, Guy Bolton, Howard Lindsay, and Russel Crouse

Title Job Name
Musical Book Timothy Crouse Timothy Crouse
Musical Book John Weidman John Weidman
Composer Cole Porter Cole Porter
Lyricist Cole Porter Cole Porter
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Name Description
Reno Sweeney a sexy evangelist turned nightclub singer
Hope Harcourt a beautiful debutante
Lord Evelyn Oakleigh a wealthy Englishman
Elisha Whitney a google-eyed tycoon
Billy Crocker Whitney’s young assistant
Moonface Martin a hapless gangster, Public Enemy No. 13
Erma a sexy gangster’s moll
Evangeline Harcourt Hope’s mother, a widow
Luke a Chinese convert
John a Chinese convert
Captain of the S.S. American
Purser aboard the S.S. American
Purity Showgirl Angel #1 with Reno’s act
Chastity Showgirl Angel #2 with Reno’s act
Charity Showgirl Angel #3 with Reno’s act
Virtue Showgirl Angel #4 with Reno’s act
Male Quartet of Sailors
Fred a bartender
Henry T. Dobson a minister
2 Reporters
News Photographer
2 F.B.I Agents
Old Lady in a Wheelchair
Ship’s Crew male chorus/dancers
Ship’s Passengers men and women, singers/dancers
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Last Updated: February 10, 2018