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Titles > Babes In Toyland

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  • Genre: Comedy
Title Job Name
Musical Book Image not available Glen MacDonough
Composer Victor Herbert Victor Herbert
Lyricist Image not available Glen MacDonough
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Name Description
Uncle Barnaby a rich miser in love with Contrary Mary
Alan Uncle Barnaby’s nephew
Jane Uncle Barnaby’s niece
Hilda maid of all work in the Piper household
Roderigo a sentimental ruffian
Gonzorgo Roderigo’s hard-hearted partner
The Widow Piper a lonely widow with fourteen children
Tom Tom The Widow Piper’s eldest son
Simple Simon who is fond of fairs
Peter who has a passion for pumpkin pie
Tommy Tucker who sings for his supper and everything else
Jack who does chores
Boy Blue who wants to be a farmer
Bobby Shaftoe who wants to be a sailor
Contrary Mary The Widow Piper’s eldest daughter
Bo-Peep who is a careless shepherdess
Jill who helps Jack
Sallie Waters who wants to get married
Miss Muffet who is afraid of spiders
Curly Locks who wants to wed a title
Red Riding Hood who is devoted to her grandmother
The Brown Bear
The Giant Spider
The Master Toymaker who designs the toys of the world
Grumio apprentice at The Master Toymaker’s workshop
Inspector Marmaduke of the Toyland Police
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Last Updated: February 24, 2018