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Titles > Bloomer Girl

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  • Genre: Drama
Title Job Name
Musical Book Fred Saidy Fred Saidy
Musical Book Sig Herzig Sig Herzig
Composer Harold Arlen Harold Arlen
Lyricist Yip Harburg Yip Harburg
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Name Description
Serena Applegate mother
Octavia married daughter
Lydia married daughter
Julia married daughter
Delia married daughter
Phoebe married daughter
Daisy a maid
Evalina Applegate the youngest daughter, heroine
Horatio Applegate father
Gus the coachman
Joshua Dingle a son-in-law
Herman Brasher a son-in-law
Ebenezer Mimms a son-in-law
Wilfred Thrush a son-in-law
Hiram Crump a son-in-law
Aunt Dolly Bloomer a leading suffragette, and the creator of bloomers
Jefferson Lightfoot Calhoun a fresh young hero
Hamilton Calhoun his older brother, business man
Pompey Jeff’s slave
Alexander a slave
Augustus a slave
Sheriff Quimby
Three Deputies
Governor Newton Aunt Dolly’s suitor
Governor’s Aide
Prudence a Bloomer Girl
Paula a Bloomer Girl
Hetty a Bloomer Girl
Ensemble Bloomer Girls, characters in Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Buyers, Guests, Children, Townspeople, Policemen
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Last Updated: February 25, 2018